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Beyond Business Plans and Vision Boards
Thursday, October 26, 2023 | 6:30pm - 8:30pm EST
FL CE Provider# 50-9001 | FL CE Course # 20-1089006| General | 2 CE

Do you remember creating your business plan? Have you ever created and used a vision board? Both are helpful, but very different tools. And, to actually create and sustain a thriving business – you need more. Not only that, it’s an inside-out job. So often we make our business and life decisions based on things going on around us. Often, it’s the current economic, the political situation, or the crisis de jour. Of course, we have to factor outside events and circumstances into our decisions. But they aren't the only drivers. In fact, can you guess what the 2 most important factors are that determine your success? The two things with the most influence on whether we’re successful in life are: (1) what you believe you’re capable of, and (2) whether your thoughts run more along the negative-it-probably-won’t-work lines or the positive-I’m-sure-I-can-do-this lines. That’s right, it’s all about your perception and habits. It can be the best economy and the most conducive political climate, but if you have hidden limiting beliefs about your own capabilities or a pattern of negative thinking; the chances of building, growing and thriving are much more difficult. The good news is you can change your limiting beliefs and you can change your pattern of thinking. In this 2-hour class you will connect with your “why”, why your “why” matters, and create a new vision for your work-in-the-world. You’ll learn about your limiting beliefs and how to reframe them. You’ll also learn about a vision-focused organized planning process for accomplishing the goals that will move you toward your new vision. This class is insightful, moving, life-changing-if-you-let-it, and fun.


About the Presenter:
Demara Stamler, LMT, CDBC, CCLC is an experienced transformation and mindset coach, business coach, and professional speaker who is passionate about helping healing professionals, schools and organizations reimagine how they navigate life and business, re-ignite the fire that fueled them at the outset, and set a course for success going forward. With a background in massage therapy practice, education and administration, along with accreditation and serving on several national boards, Demara brings a multitude of experience and resources to her workshops, presentations and programs. Demara has taught workshops all over the country and spoken before groups of all sizes from 5 to 300+. Her vision is to facilitate tens of thousands of dreams fulfilled.
Awakened Dreams Coaching and Consulting


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