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Intro to Sports Massage Therapy
Monday, September 26, 2022 | 6:30pm - 8:30pm EST

FL CE Provider# 50-9001 | FL CE Course # 20-900915 | Relevant to Massage Therapy Techniques | 2 CEs
NCBTMB approved course

In this 2 hour training, you will get an introduction to the various aspects of Sports Massage and how to join the FSMTA Sports Massage Team. Hear about the topics covered in the more in depth 8 hour training that include: how to successfully prepare for and conduct a sports massage event, sports massage team policies and procedures, team operations and roles as well as more in depth techniques, injury prevention and contraindications for Sports Massage. You will walk away with a Sports Massage technique that can be integrated into your current practice as well as knowledge about how to gain more in depth training for Sports Massage.

About the Presenter
Teofil " Teo" Nikolov is a Florida LMT with over 25 years of experience. After earning a Bachelor's degree in Physical Education with Teaching Certificate from the National Sports Academy in Bulgaria, including sports massage training, he moved to the US and became a Florida LMT in 1999 (MA28362). An FSMTA member since 1998, he has participated in numerous FSMTA sports massage trainings (2000-2012) and has served as an FSMTA Sports Team Trainer since 2012. 
Teo provided sports massage to athletes and officials as part of the "2002 Winter Sports Massage Team" at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City, Utah.
In 2004, he provided sports massage to athletes as a member of the "Athens Health Services Sports Massage Team" at the 2004 Olympic Summer Games in Athens, Greece.



   Linda Beach  

Creating Transformational Events To Grow Your Business & Increase Your Profits
Thursday, October 27, 2022 | 6:30pm - 8:30pm EST
FL CE Provider# 50-15781 | FL CE Course # 20-935600 | General | 2 CEs
NCBTMB approved course

In this post-pandemic era of marketing our services, new trends have emerged. Gone are the days where we could simply hang out a shingle or place and ad in the local paper and have new customers flocking to our door. It's become imperative that we shift and adapt as the world around us changes. If we don't, it could cost us customers, or worse yet, close the doors to our business all together. One of the biggest trends in this new marketing era is harnessing the power of events. According to event marketing experts, both in-person and live virtual events provide attendees with a valuable opportunity to connect, learn and grow. As entrepreneurs, they provide us with the opportunity to showcase our services to a new group of customers and grow our "know, like, and trust" factor. This in turn creates brand loyalty and increased profits. In this captivating and interactive class, we will be exploring different types of events and discussing which ones would be best suited for your business. We'll also dive into the logistics of creating the top three types of trending events and how to properly market them so you can grow your massage therapy practice and add serious income to your bottom line.

About the Presenter
Linda Beach, LMT, is the adventurous founder of Linda Beach Coaching, LLC, a multi-faceted company that teaches passionate entrepreneurs how to grow their business so they can enjoy more time and money freedom. A former FSMTA Brevard Chapter President and 2020 Massage Therapy Hall of Fame inductee, Linda has been an entrepreneur for over 40 years. During that time, she has launched more than a dozen businesses, including a chain of massage and esthetic schools she founded in 1998. Over the last twenty years, Linda has become a well-known teacher, speaker and writer for the massage and spa industries. In 2016, Linda was inspired to sell her schools and embark on a new“freedom lifestyle." Since then, she's lived in three countries and traveled the world hosting exciting retreats. Her greatest passion is teaching others how to create a life they don't need a vacation from.



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Laurie Azzarella

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Lorenne McCormick
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